2017 Nevarez Lights Show

Our nightly light show, the lights synchronized to music, will begin running December 1 – January 1! You can tune your radio and listen to the lights or walk by and listen to them from our front yard or across the street! Enjoy and Remember the Reason for the Season!!

Thanksgiving Preview Night!

Preview Night!

This is a picture of our lights on Thanksgiving night!  As a tradition after dinner we turn on the lights, no music, but a fun preview for friends, family and neighbors!

Lighting Engineers!!

Part of the crew!

Here is part of the Lighting crew for Nevarez Lights!!

The lights coming out of storage!



The lights are coming out of storage and being organized for the 2017 light show!


3383 E. Washington Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85234. We will begin putting up lights soon after Halloween and will turn the lights on for a sneak preview Thanksgiving night! After that they will be on beginning Saturday nightly from sundown to 10:00 pm. Feel free to stop by, visit or jump in and help!

Nevarez lights are being put up!

We have begun putting our lights up! I will post updates as we go along so you can follow our progress! Make sure you come by and see the “finished” show!

2011 Carol of the Bells

This is the last song we did!

2011 Coca Cola Song

This is a song we did last year and added 1 controller box this year – that means 16 new channels of LOR!

2011 Felix Navidad

Here is one of the songs we sequenced with Light-O-Rama! The introduction is supposed to look like it is powering up our light show! Enjoy!!

Show is on!

We turned the light show on last night and didn’t pop any fuses or circuits!!! They are forecasting rain this weekend so may be off again but will keep you posted!

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