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This is us just getting started with the lights!

We have lots of bins that hold all of our lights! This is the beginning of set up!

Hey all, with school coming to an end soon it can get crazy with all the activities, award presentations and concerts. I wrote an article on how to keep yourself balanced and stress free – then you will be able to enjoy the summer.

With Summer comes Christmas Light Planning – this is when we start to work on the new things in our display. We make the models, do the welding if needed and then start planning where they will fit within our current display!

WooHoo, I love summer because we are that much closer to Christmas!!


Working on our 2011 Show!

Okay everyone, I know it is just March but we are already thinking about how to make it bigger and better! We have a few ideas but they are going to depend on the mid July sales that Light-O-Rama and the Christmas Light suppliers have.

We are going to need another controller box and some serious amount of while LED lights. Also red C-7 LED lights to replace the incandescent ones we couldn’t light this year due to circuit overload:)

Video to Carol of the Bells

Okay everyone, here is the video of our lights synchronized to Carol of the Bells!

Coca Cola Intro – Lights and Music!

Here is one of our videos!

Quick video of our lights!

I wanted everyone to be able to see our lights – will post the video’s with music in a few!

Christmas Tree is done!

We bought our tree last night – when I was young we would always go up to Mt. Taylor just north of Grants, NM and cut our own. There were times when there was lots of snow on the ground and we took our snowmobiles to find a tree. Lots of great childhood memories! Now, our kids get to run through the rows of trees at the tree lots and pick out just the right one. We are going to get it decorated tomorrow!

All done!

Okay all – we are officially done with the lights and decorating – just need to get 2 more songs set to music – that will take about 12 hours for me to get it right! I am going to film it tonite and post it here!

Its official – Light Show begins tonite!

I just received my “little box” that makes the world light up :) We will be on tonite! WooHoo!

Lights won’t be on until Thursday

Okay, I am so sorry but there is a delay in getting my lights on. There is a little converter box that takes the USB signal and converts it to RJ-485 and I can’t find it! We have turned our house upside down and it is no where to be found.

I borrow one from a friend to have the lights on for Thanksgiving but had to return it the next day!

I am having it shipped but it won’t be here until Thursday sometime.

Please bear with us but the wait will be worth it!

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