Display address: 3383 E. Washington Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85234

Nov 1-11th Christmas lights are unpacked, organized on tables according to color and/or display.

Nov 12-14th – Up we go – all the roof lights, the outlines, icicles, stars (NEW).

Nov 15-17th – Nightly work on the ground – house outline, rock walls, bushes, mega-tree frame, rocks, arches and rope lights.

Nov 18-19th – Mega tree up with along with outline of yard

Nov 19-20th – Trees wrapped, snowflakes and tree toppers.

Nov 20-21 – Cord up – all extension cords are labeled and attached to controller boxes.

Nov 22 – Finishing touches and lighting checks

Nov 22th Light up in evening!

Nov 23-25th – Computer sequencing lights to music

Nov 26th – Jan 2nd – Nightly shows starting at 6:00 – 11:30pm.