Crowd watching our official light up

Take a look – we had about 50 people out watching our official light up of the Christmas display Thanksgiving night! the display you see in the background is the neighbors – they did a great job too! Stay tuned to see what our neighbors and us have in common!!!

Thanksgiving night Official light up!

Here are our lights on Thanksgiving nite -the official light up night! They are all set to “twinkle” right now but I am going to start sequencing them today!

Almost done!!

Here is what we have so far! A few more things are needed but almost there!

Organizing our Lights!

Here is what the beginning of the organization looks like! Work has begun!

Next Door Neighbors getting into the spirit!

Our next door neighbors are getting into the decorating spirit! We are usually the early ones on the block and the rest follow close behind!

The work begins tonite!

Okay, we had a planning session last night and all is a go! A larger mega tree with a surprise, some additional stars, and we are going across the street this year! Stay tuned for video tomorrow of our progress!

We are already running behind!

If you take a look at our calendar/progress we should be putting up the roof lights. Well, with the garage sale over the weekend and my nephews birthday we are just now getting everything organized. The race is on – video coming tomorrow showing our progress so far!

Nevarez Lights 2009 display

Hey all, just wanted to show you our Christmas Light Display for 2009! You can watch our progress as we put up our 2010 display and watch for our additions!!!

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